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So what kind of training will you get on webcam with these Dominas?

1)Cock and ball torture,2)tease and denial,3)foot worship,4)heel worship,5)forced smoking and intoxification)

6) blackmail scenario,7)orgasm control and chastity contracts,8) sissy humiliation and forced fem cams

9)dressing instructions, 10) anal abuse and sessions,11) HUMILIATION

To name but a few different types of training along side the usual obeying and following instructions, how to be a good slave or sissy and how to obey every word your Mistress says.

You can also read the diary of a domiatrix which spells out everything to do with the day of a femdom in her own private dungeon.

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This dirty little sissy knows her place, She was only trying to do her job scrubbing toilete pan with her toothbrush. Mean bitches cams where the most evil, sadistic Mistresses make your life a misery. Powerful femdoms who take no snash when it comes to bdsm and online training. Can you handle being torn apart by mean ladies? Cruel females and total bitches?

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Get ready to  see what it’s liked to be forced feminzation into womens clothing you have no choice but to be dressed up and paraded around like a slut.

When you become our bitch online there is no going back, you are trained in all areas of online humiliation and degradation and you will soon find just how cruel and mean the females of royal bdsm cams can be, when it comes to ensuring their slaves do as they are told they can involve any type of punishment they see fit at that particular time and that includes, whippings, canings and hardcore anal play. Our strict females enjoy the power and control they have and they will never stop until the slave submits fully to her.

Are you ready to prove your skills? Are you ready to submit to the superior females online? Are you ready to be a toy, a play thing and used as and when we see fit? If so then step inside and begin your journey ito live domination. If you have a particular fantasy in your mind that you want to try out in a real live session with some of our fetish web cam models then be sure to let them know, they have spent time with other members doing all sorts of kinky role play sessions so nothing you suggest will shock them, so no need to feel shy and intimidated, just tell her who you want her to be and how you would like the role play to play out and leave the rest to her

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